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Whether You Prefer Golden Or Gaudy, Juvia’s Place Has You Covered!

Let me start by saying that I mean "gaudy" in the best possible way - no one, and I mean no one, does bright saturated colors like Juvia's Place! And this ...
Aurora 02

Celestial Goes Neon With New Aurora Lights Palette & Brush Set

BH Cosmetics is one of those brands that I've been wanting to write about for a long time; I actually have quite a few of their products, most of which ...
SW 05

STAR WARS Episode IX Is Honoring Carrie Fisher…And Screwing Over Women In The Process.

Disclaimer - I have written before about some of my dorky passions, among them Dark Shadows and Stephen King's Carrie.  Star Wars is not among them.  I've seen all of ...

This Struggle Wasn’t Real: Ciate London x Chloe Morello Volume 2 Palette

This is why I need a personal assistant to help me with adulting: I love Makeup Struggles on Youtube.  I wrote a post about her channel HERE, and though her upload ...
Bobbi 02

Crush Or Crash? Testing Out Bobbi Brown Lippies

What can I say?  Bobbi Brown has just never been a brand that called out to me.  Their packaging is sleek and practical, but nothing that stands out.  And their ...
Lush 08

Lush Life: Butch Adjacent

Life happens.  This post is so late to the party even Courtney Love has gotten herself together and headed home in an Uber.  But I made all these damn videos ...

Miss Jaye Is Back At It With A “Very Special Episode” Of JANESSA AFTER DARK!

Stay tuned for a "Very Special Episode" of Janessa After Dark. As a child of the 80s, Miss Jaye remembers fondly the "very special episode," where light-hearted comedies would try to ...
School Supplies

After School Special: More Academic Achievements From The Crayon Case, Part Two

By now I'm sure you've done your homework and you've studied up on Part One of my review of the Crayon Case brand.  If you haven't, then we need to ...
Equality 07

Divisive Togetherness: Jeffree Star Promotes Equality With New Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle

Are you ready for another dip into the JStar drama pool?  Grab your swimsuits, because here we go! In the last year, Jeffree Star has started putting out a number of ...
Shade 06

Even In Atlantis, There’s Plenty Of Shade

Who knew that even deep, deep under the ocean in the lost city of Atlantis, you could still get so much shade... This is going to be a review of the ...

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