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The Secret’s OUT: 10% Society Shows Moving To The VFW, East Grand Forks, Becoming 18+

Once again, the infamous drag shows sponsored by the 10% Society at UND are about to transform: they are moving to the VFW in East Grand Forks (right on Demers ...

Double Trouble: Janessa @ Sensations September and October 2013

We've been a little behind on updating pictures, so here's a dynamic duo of show pics: September and October shows at Sensations!  September was hot and spicy, with the theme ...

The Code and Mission of the House of Champagne

CODE AND MISSON OF THE HOUSE OF CHAMPAGNE! For those performers who may be interested in joining the House of Champagne, the Code and Mission of the HoC appears below.  Those ...

Embracing the Slut Within: Being Sex Positive in a Sex Negative World

What's the big deal?  Everyone is doing it, wants to do it, dreams about doing it, wishes they could forget the last time they did it, wishes they could do ...
Miss Janessa In Crown

What is the House of Champagne?

Remember the days when MySpace was king, and Facebook was just something for college students to stalk each other on campuses across the nation?  Back in that blissful time, Miss ...

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