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House of Champagne Originals – Short Dresses, Coats & Wraps

Miss Jaye is quite the crafty queen!  She's been sewing for several years; in addition to making costumes for herself for shows, she has also sold costumes via Ebay and ...
000000000000 Casey Profile

PROFILE: On With The Show: Janessa Sits Down With THE FULL MONTY Director Casey Paradies

The Full Monty, playing this week through Saturday, is based on the film and features 6 out of work men who are struggling: with finances, with relationship, and with their ...
00000000 Hate Me

Violent Femme: Femininity As Power

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I remember those words growing up.  Pantene was pretty sure that the world was going to hate on women who dared to be pretty.  And ...
00000000 Starr

Among The Starrs: A Remembrance

When you're a performer and you perform in as many drag shows as I have over the years, you get to meet a lot of people.  You get to see a wide ...
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Janessa Featured in Documentary Short About ACTIONS, ETC.

So it's not quite silver screen realness, but Champagne Dreams Productions' very own Miss Janessa Jaye Champagne is featured in a gorgeous little documentary short about FM-based Actions, Etc.  Filmed ...

The Code and Mission of the House of Champagne

CODE AND MISSON OF THE HOUSE OF CHAMPAGNE! For those performers who may be interested in joining the House of Champagne, the Code and Mission of the HoC appears below.  Those ...

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