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Champagne 02

Looking Back At 2016 & Before: 16 Blogs From The World Of Champagne

There's nothing like the change to a new calendar to get people feeling all nostalgic about "days gone by" and all that sort of junk, and Miss Jaye is no ...
H (21)

Roen Photography 2015 – Gallery 01: Big Body Beautiful

We live in a world that isn't very nice to fat people.  It's an ugly truth.  You can decide to accept that truth, or you can listen to a different ...
00000000 Diet 04

Skinny People Will Kill You

This post is going to be short, and it's mostly just a footnote to my earlier posting, Swimming With Sharks. So I always knew that skinny people could be toxic, always ...
000000 Sharks Main

Swimming With Sharks: Thoughts On Life As A Queer Person Of Size

I've been thinking about this post for a while.  There are 100s of little moments, happening all the time, that make me want to sit down and think about this, ...

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