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Champagne 02

Looking Back At 2016 & Before: 16 Blogs From The World Of Champagne

There's nothing like the change to a new calendar to get people feeling all nostalgic about "days gone by" and all that sort of junk, and Miss Jaye is no ...
Gay 03

Freedom, And What We Leave Behind

Yesterday I did an interview with a man who was writing a story about the guy in Williston that is (kinda? sorta? maybe?!) turning his bar into a gay bar ...
000000 Sharks Main

Swimming With Sharks: Thoughts On Life As A Queer Person Of Size

I've been thinking about this post for a while.  There are 100s of little moments, happening all the time, that make me want to sit down and think about this, ...

Last of the Red Hot Dates

Whatever happened to dating? If my quick internet search is any indication, a lot of people are asking that question.   There are about a billion sites addressing this question and they ...

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