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House of Champagne Originals – I Have So Many Jewels!

In addition to sewing, Miss Jaye has recently started dabbling in the art of making jewelry.  She has made several pieces for performances, including making all of the jewelry for ...
0000000000000000 Ave Q Logo

REVIEW: AVENUE Q Is Delightfully Dirty, Funny As Hell, And Just Shocking Enough

(First of all, I don't have pictures from the production of Avenue Q at the Empire.  That's the thing about the interwebs: you can find tons of shit, but not always ...
000000000 Candy Nails

Escape Claws: Totally Over The Top Nails

I know at this point you all probably think I'm Queen of Blending's publicist for as much as I talk about her, but I swear that I'm not!  I just ...

The Code and Mission of the House of Champagne

CODE AND MISSON OF THE HOUSE OF CHAMPAGNE! For those performers who may be interested in joining the House of Champagne, the Code and Mission of the HoC appears below.  Those ...
Miss Janessa In Crown

What is the House of Champagne?

Remember the days when MySpace was king, and Facebook was just something for college students to stalk each other on campuses across the nation?  Back in that blissful time, Miss ...

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