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Pan 02

REVIEW: ETC’s PETER & THE STARCATCHER Gives Humorous Foundation To Children’s Classic

The spoiler is real. - XOXO Miss Jaye I knew that Dave Barry had written a children's book (or maybe a series? I'm not sure) about Peter Pan, but I never ...
t 02


I never saw it coming. When my live-in boyfriend said that he wanted to perform with me at a drag show, it wasn't anything unusual.  He'd been playing around with drag ...
J (13)

Now Entering Disturbia – 10 Random “Behind The Scenes” Facts

When you're a 6-foot-something drag queen the size of a parade float with more spandex outfits than the WWE, it's not all that often that you get to be "arty." Recently, ...
J (65)

Janessa Presents: DISTURBIA / Photos by Roen Photography

I'm so excited to bring this very special photo story exclusively to my World of Champagne readers! When I set up my photo shoot with Miranda Roen of Roen Photography, I ...
0000000000000000 Chorus Line

REVIEW: Doing What They Do, For Love – UND Presents A CHORUS LINE

I'm going to admit something that will probably lose me some flaming homosexual street cred: I don't really like A Chorus Line.  There, I said it.  Feel free to begin ...
0000000000000000 Escanaba Fart

REVIEW: Theatre Season And Hunting Season Collide in Fire Hall Opener ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT

Ok, so to say that this review is going to be a tough one for me is an understatement.  I mean look at me: I'm a glamorous plus-sized diva with ...
0000000000000000 Lone Star Logo

REVIEW: Late Night Series Explores The Limits Of Maculinity With LONE STAR

(We've been told here at the World of Champagne that we often "give too much away" in our theatre reviews.  Rather than just giving you the who-what-where-when-how of finding a theatre ...
000000000000000000 Lone Star

LONE STAR Closes Out This Year’s Late Night Series at Fire Hall Theatre

Although it has only been in existence for just under 6 months, the Late Night Series at the Fire Hall Theatre has already provided theatre-goers in the Grand Cities with ...
00000000 Knife

REVIEW: The Dark Side Of The Corporate World Exposed In THE OFFICE PLAYS At Empire Theatre

Workin' 9 to 5 may be a way to make a living, but it sure can be tedious.  The day to day routine of answering phones, filing, and interacting with ...
000000 Santa 02

REVIEW: “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues” Is Timely and Twisted, a Naughty Holiday Treat

(As we grow here at the World of Champagne, we want to give you more information about great performances and artsy events in the area, even if they don't involve ...

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