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Vamp 01

Playing In The Dark: Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Vampira Palette

Alright creatures of the night - have we got a makeup palette for you! One of my favorite spooky indie brands, Lunatick Cosmetics Labs, is at it again with another eyeshadow ...

Enjoy The Beauty Bloodbath With Color Kill Makeup

Full disclosure - there is nothing about this brand that inspires thoughts of horror movies or creepy stuff.  It's actually kind of cute and cartoony.  But with my love of ...
Makeup Monsters

Pretty Kitty: Makeup Monsters’ Orange Kitten Lip Bundle

Alright, get it out of your system now: I realize that these have been out for ages (in fact, I think they might be on the way out!), but I ...
Lime Crime 02

Second Chances: Falling (Back) In Love With Lime Crime

Editor's note: In between the writing of this post and when it will actually go live on the site, I've been doing some additional research into the many controversies surrounding ...
00000 CM Sticker

On The Radar: Concrete Minerals Combines Mineral Makeup With A Passion For Color

Even though I've been on a total Sephora binge lately (the launch of any new Sephora + Pantone Universe collection, especially the Color of the Year, is guaranteed to lighten ...
Sugarpill Shadows

Pill Poppin’: An Adventure in Color With SugarPill Cosmetics

I am so, so, so glad that indie makeup companies are making a comeback...and doing it with real quality products!  When I was first getting started in drag, the big ...

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