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Ladies 05

REVIEW: Fire Hall Brings Gender Swap Comedy To The Stage With LEADING LADIES

You want spoilers?  I got spoilers. - XOXO Miss Jaye Ever since Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon donned tasteful frocks to chase fame and Marilyn Monroe in Billy Wilder's Some Like ...
FH 02

REVIEW: Love, Death, And The Dark Side Of Scandinavia in THE NORWEGIANS

Obligatory spoiler warning:  there will be spoilers in this review, I'm sure.  I don't know how many or how deep they'll go, but once I've seen a show, I find ...
000000000000 Ice Main

REVIEW: Get Hooked On GUYS ON ICE At The Firehall Theatre This Feb

It's been a really weird year for me, theatrically speaking. I've seen about a million performances of Into the Woods pop up - everyone is trying to cash in on the ...

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