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C Student: The Shaky Performance of the Crayon Case, Part One

Do you ever get caught right in the middle of something where you sort of love it and you sort of hate it, and you just aren't sure what to ...
00000000 pantone pallete

Haute 3way: Janessa + Sephora + Pantone Universe

How did I live before I had a Sephora within an hour's driving distance?  True, it's just a baby Sephora nestled inside JC Penney, and it doesn't carry all of ...
Lime 06

Smooth Criminal: The Unfortunate Chaos of Lime Crime Cosmetics

I want to love you, Lime Crime.  I really do. Who else makes a green lipstick and actually makes it work?  I mean really work.  Serpentina is fucking fierce.  It's every ...

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