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LL 09

Mass Appeal: Testing Out 3 New Brands Of Bargain Liquid Lipsticks

In a world of beauty gurus constantly shoving more and more luxury beauty items down your throat with ever-increasing price tags, don't forget: there are a ton of great discount ...
Prelude 01

REVIEW: Fire Hall’s PRELUDE TO A KISS Tackles Love, Regret

I live to spoil things.  Try me. - XOXO, Miss Jaye I've really been neglecting my theatre-reviewing duties the last year or so (I blame my busy travel schedule) and so ...
00000000000000 Tina Turner

A Champion Will Arise: Sugarpill Vs. Concrete Minerals – Part Two

In my last post, I set up a totally random (though utterly glamorous) cage match between Sugarpill and Concrete Minerals.  I swatched, I kvetched, I laughed, I cried; it was ...
000000000000 Color

Color Chaos: Sugarpill vs. Concrete Minerals – Part One

Two makeup brands will enter.  Only one will leave.  Welcome to Thunderdome. Ok, not really.  But ever since I found Concrete Minerals makeup through their Facebook ad, I've been wanting to ...
Sugarpill Shadows

Pill Poppin’: An Adventure in Color With SugarPill Cosmetics

I am so, so, so glad that indie makeup companies are making a comeback...and doing it with real quality products!  When I was first getting started in drag, the big ...
000000000000000 Gym ZOmbies

Road to Nowhere

I thought I'd been down this road before, and had learned my lesson.  I'd made promises, and broken them.  I'd had expectations, and found them unfulfilled.  But somehow I convinced ...

Last of the Red Hot Dates

Whatever happened to dating? If my quick internet search is any indication, a lot of people are asking that question.   There are about a billion sites addressing this question and they ...

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