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Vamp 01

Playing In The Dark: Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Vampira Palette

Alright creatures of the night - have we got a makeup palette for you! One of my favorite spooky indie brands, Lunatick Cosmetics Labs, is at it again with another eyeshadow ...

Makeup Forum: Archive And Brand Index

Hey there World of Champagne readers!  We have a ton of great content in the Makeup Forum, and we want to make it easier for you to go back and review old ...
00000000 Happy

Thanks For The Glam-ories: Miss Jaye’s Top 16 Of ’16

If you've looked at the Makeup Forum for more than a half-second, you know that Miss Jaye spends a lot on makeup.  Like, a LOT.  As in shopping for groceries ...
Lunatick Labs

Crazy Like A Fox: Go Mad For Lunatick Cosmetics Labs!

One of my highlights of Days of the Dead Indianapolis, besides becoming insta-besties with Felissa Rose (who played Angela in the cult classic slasher Sleepaway Camp) was meeting Katherine, the ...
LCL Main

We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes Giveaway – Feat. Lunatick Labs! [CLOSED]

Ready for a HUGE giveaway featuring almost $100 worth of FULL SIZED beauty products?! Yeah, we thought so. Miss Jaye recently discovered Lunatick Cosmetics Labs and fell in love with their creepy ...

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