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Prelude 01

REVIEW: Fire Hall’s PRELUDE TO A KISS Tackles Love, Regret

I live to spoil things.  Try me. - XOXO, Miss Jaye I've really been neglecting my theatre-reviewing duties the last year or so (I blame my busy travel schedule) and so ...
Dalmatian 01

DIXIE SWIM CLUB Receives 8 Dalmatian Awards!

After a very successful 3-week run including 7 sold out performances and 9 standing ovations (out of 9 total performances), things just got a little bit sweeter for the southern ...
Dixie 02

DIXIE SWIM CLUB Opens May 28 At Fire Hall Theatre

Miss Jaye and her gal pal Amy D have been busting their asses for the last few weeks on the next Fire Hall Theatre production, The Dixie Swim Club, and ...
00000000 Clue 05

REVIEW: You Have The Right To Remain Entertained At The Firehall Theatre

When I was growing up, my favorite boardgame was CLUE - I always had to be Miss Scarlet, I always wanted to be the one who did it, and I ...
000000000 Corn Dog

REVIEW: Southern-Fried Funeral Farce DEARLY DEPARTED Puts The Fun In Dysfunctional Family

(As always, this review probably contains more than a few spoilers - read at your own risk, or go see the show first and then come back to see if ...
00000000000000000 Niagara

REVIEW: Quirky & Funny, WONDER OF THE WORLD Is An Oddball’s Delight

Note: There may be spoilers here.  There may not -  I haven't written it yet.  I'm usually still thinking everything through and processing as I'm writing, and quite a bit ...
00000000 Knife

REVIEW: The Dark Side Of The Corporate World Exposed In THE OFFICE PLAYS At Empire Theatre

Workin' 9 to 5 may be a way to make a living, but it sure can be tedious.  The day to day routine of answering phones, filing, and interacting with ...

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