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Marry 01

The Marrying Kind

My ex-husband and I never should have gotten married. It was less than a year into our relationship and he was getting ready to move up to Grand Forks from Fargo ...
t 02


I never saw it coming. When my live-in boyfriend said that he wanted to perform with me at a drag show, it wasn't anything unusual.  He'd been playing around with drag ...
00000000000000000 Niagara

REVIEW: Quirky & Funny, WONDER OF THE WORLD Is An Oddball’s Delight

Note: There may be spoilers here.  There may not -  I haven't written it yet.  I'm usually still thinking everything through and processing as I'm writing, and quite a bit ...
00000000 Always Pink

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

I love being in a new place, but I detest the process of getting there.  If only I could afford to just hire people to come in, pack up everything ...

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