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Heathers 05

GUEST REVIEW: Jeff McMahon Goes Back To High School With ETC’s HEATHERS

Miss Jaye has been neglecting her theatre-going duties, y'all!  There are all kinds of great productions happening in and around Grand Forks and with work and side projects and general ...
0000000000 Makeup

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor: Self-Esteem

"You can't sit with us!" I love the movie Mean Girls.  I quote it with friends all the time.  The high school drama and backstabbing are perfectly written and well-acted, and ...
Supermodel Bat Villains

The Costume Conundrum: What Will YOU Be?

It's the most wonderful time of the year - not because hunky football players are running around in tight spandex pants, or because we can finally start our "month to go" ...
00000000000 Drag Mother

Mama’s House, Mama’s Rules: Why We Need Strong (Drag) Mothers

I was an orphan, a child of the streets.  Well, at least the corners of those streets. Ok, before you start to think this is the beginning of some Stephen Sondheim musical spectacular, ...

The Sweetest Candy: An Evening With JuJubee

Meeting your role models and people you look up to can be a dicey proposition.  You love them and their work, and you've probably built up certain expectations about them, ...

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