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Unicorn 17

To Be Or Not To Be…A Fucking Unicorn: Tarte Invites You To Play Make Believe

First, a rant. So, my little closeted gay boy heart in the 1980s would have loved to live in a world that was just bursting with unicorns and mermaids, but this ...

Halloween Is For Kids: A Pint Sized “Beauty Guru” Serves Up Serious Cosplay Looks

So lately I've been even more prone than ever to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, and soon my head is spinning with makeup tutorial ideas and great looks that ...

House of Champagne Originals – Miss Jaye’s Signature Mermaid Cut!

Miss Jaye's process allows her to use a block pattern to create a wide variety of dress styles.  One that she developed is her signature "Mermaid" cut - it starts ...

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