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Shining Star: The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review – Part Two

Alright, y'all - ready for another heapin' helping of fabulous makeup and jaw-dropping drama?  Then come on along for the second installment of my review of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  In ...
Classic 09

MySpace Photos 4: More Random Fabulousness

Here is the last gallery of all of the odds and ends (and I do mean odd!) that I pulled down off of what was left of my old MySpace ...
Classic 03

MySpace Photos 3: Sewing and Random Goodness

Here is another great gallery of MySpace photos, with lots of great images of some of my first ever sewing projects!  Many of these lovely outfits have made their way ...
Genevee 04

MySpace Photos 2: Even More Retro Fabulousness!

Here are some more of the spoils of my raid on my old MySpace Profile!  First, let's check out some of these crazy/fabulous shots from Halloween shows at Sensations and ...
Classic 11

MySpace Photos 1: Vintage Janessa

I was trolling around and decided to see if my old MySpace profile still existed.  It was my first foray into social media...and I loved it!  I still love some ...
0000000000 Tweet

Dirty Twat: Why I Finally Gave In And Joined Twitter

I know I'm always the last one to the party when it comes to technology and gadgets; MySpace was already starting its downward shame spiral when I finally got a ...

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