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A Little Luxury: Experiencing YSL Beauty

I get a lot of samples; I order from Sephora frequently enough and stop in the store so often that I easily build up a collection of packets and vials ...

GIVEAWAY: RuPaul’s Drag Race-Themed Giveaway Is Fierce, Hunty! [CLOSED]

Hey there squirrel-friends!  We were hoping to have this giveaway ready for the premiere of season 9 but...well, life happens!  Instead, we've got this ready to go just as you ...
Kaoir 04

Ka’oir Cosmetics: All Bark And No Bite

In my pursuit of new brands to explore as part of the BOMB (Black Owned Makeup Brand) Challenge, I ran across a lot of great looking indie companies that had ...

Makeup Forum: Archive And Brand Index

Hey there World of Champagne readers!  We have a ton of great content in the Makeup Forum, and we want to make it easier for you to go back and review old ...
Lips Main

NASTY WOMEN UNITE! Miss Jaye’s Our Lips AREN’T Sealed Giveaway [CLOSED]

Hey Champagne Dreamers, Miss Jaye here.  How y'all doing? I'm not going to lie - I didn't sleep well last night and I'm not feeling very good about life this morning.  ...
Mystery Bag 02

Mystery Bag Giveaway – Three Great Prizes Feat. a Ton of Great Brands! [CLOSED]

Recently on my Facebook Live broadcasts I previewed the three mystery bags for this giveaway, and ever since then y'all been like Brad Pitt in Se7en: "What's in the bag?!" Ok, ...
Ombre Main

Living For These Lips: NYX Cosmetics Does Ombre 101

Why has this never been a thing before?!  I am absolutely living for NYX's new Ombre Lip Duos - a double ended mechanical lip product that has a fine tip ...

Pucker Up! Birchbox Presents The Lip Sync Kit

Love it or hate it, the countdown to Valentine's Day is on and that means lips are center stage!  Recently, Birchbox offered up a kit designed to help you perfect ...
OCC 01

Ready To Werk? OCC Remixes Their Beloved Lip Tar Formula

Well, it was a sad day, even if I knew it was coming: I've gotten final confirmation that OCC is no longer going to be sold in Sephora or online ...

Ya Down With OCC? Yeah, You Know Me! Giveaway – [CLOSED]

Sorry to reference that horrible 90s rap travesty in the title of this post, but I just couldn't resist!  And much more than other people's...you know, I'm definitely down with ...

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