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Roen Photography 2015 – Gallery 05: Fargo Theatre, Playboy in Pink, & Downtown Afro

This gallery is from my second photo session with Miranda Roen of Roen Photography held down in Fargo in late summer.  For our first shoot in Fargo, it only made ...

Roen Photography 2015 – Gallery 04: Makeup and Glitter and Jewels, Oh My!

Here are some fun pics of gorgeous models Amy D and Jenn wearing some Janessa Jaye original handmade jewelry pieces as well as Miss Jaye herself playing around with some ...
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Now Entering Disturbia – 10 Random “Behind The Scenes” Facts

When you're a 6-foot-something drag queen the size of a parade float with more spandex outfits than the WWE, it's not all that often that you get to be "arty." Recently, ...
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Roen Photography 2015 – Gallery 03: Black & White / Pulp Cover For Funsies

Who doesn't love some gorgeous black and white photography?  Word. [gallery ids="28235,28236,28237,28238,28239,28240" orderby="rand"] I've always dreamed of being on the cover of a tacky romance novel, and I figured this was my ...
Classic 11

MySpace Photos 1: Vintage Janessa

I was trolling around and decided to see if my old MySpace profile still existed.  It was my first foray into social media...and I loved it!  I still love some ...

Let Me Take A Selfie!

Janessa has joined the electronic age and has discovered the joy of selfies!  Enjoy this collection of selfies from the December 12 Hell on Heels show as well as a ...

Janessa’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Photos by Chris Harder

Our very own Miss Jaye loves to get wet...and she loves a good cause!  When she heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge, she realized it was a great opportunity ...

Vintage Janessa – Part One – Sensations

Here is a great collection of live performance photos from our old show hangout, Sensations, in Grand Forks ND.  The building might be just a crater, being turned into yet another set ...

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