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BISMARCK SHOW: Janessa And The Dakota Divas Return To The Capital City For Pride 2017, June 17

That's right, y'all - Miss Jaye and her stable of unstable characters are going to be let loose on the Capital City once again!  June 17 is going to be ...
Pride 01

Why We Need Pride

A couple of weeks ago, I started seeing some of my friends - queer folks, mind you - posting articles asking "Why do we need Pride?"  It trotted out a ...
Whatever 01

Together? Whatever: In Praise of “Slacktivism”

Now I'm all for the righteous anger bit, but I swear there are some queers out there who work overtime at being constantly angry, belligerent, displeased, and generally unlikeable. Enter Charles ...
00000000 Love Hate

Thin Line Between Love & Hate: Nebraska Edition

There's less than a week to go before my second annual pilgrimage down to Wayne, Nebraska for WSC's "Cancer is a Drag" fundraising drag show.  Just for kicks, I thought ...

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