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Inglot 03

The I’s Have It: Kickin’ It Old School With Inglot Cosmetics

Remember the good ol' days of YouTube, when you could actually watch people put on makeup and learn how to do it for yourself, instead of everyone just pimping themselves ...
00000000 Lit Base

No Glitter, No Glory: The Awe-Inspiring Sparkle of Lit Cosmetics

You know when you find a makeup brand and you fall in love with their one amazing signature product, and then you try the other items in their line and ...
Sugarpill Shadows

Pill Poppin’: An Adventure in Color With SugarPill Cosmetics

I am so, so, so glad that indie makeup companies are making a comeback...and doing it with real quality products!  When I was first getting started in drag, the big ...
00000000 Queen

Learn a Lil’ Somethin’ From The Queen Of Blending

Ok, I get it.  I'm a little late to the party.  People have been making videos and posting them on YouTube for years and I'm sure that my slack-jawed wonder ...
00000000 SHANY Main

SHANY Combines High Quality Cosmetics With Unbelievable Prices

I remember when every Christmas, I would go into Walmart and look in the holiday aisles at the selection of cosmetic gift sets tucked away in patterned bags or shiny silver ...
0000000 COntacts Sharon

Crazy Eyes: The Costume Contact Trend

Can you feel them, watching you?  Unsettling, isn't it? More and more drag performers (and random people on the street as well) seem to be embracing the world of costume contacts.  ...

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