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Janessa Trash Couch

Miss Jaye’s Friday Night Frights Is Back In April – TWICE!

Can't get enough indie horror and cult classics?  Then you need to check out what Miss Jaye has cooking for April: two FABULOUS installments of her late night movie series, ...
Elvira 02

Midnight Movie Methodology, or Why Reefer Madness?

The lights have long dimmed and the fog from the fog machine has dissipated from our first Midnight Movie Madness event at the Fire Hall Theatre, and though it was ...
Midnight 02

Move Over, Elvira – Miss Jaye And Champagne Dreams Productions Present MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS!

Are you ready for some late night movie shenanigans?!  We are beyond excited to announce that our very own Miss Jaye will be hosting a very special series of late ...
Reefer 06

REVIEW: Seattle, Get Lost In The Campy Fun Of REEFER MADNESS

I don't know what made the ad for Reefer Madness pop up on my Facebook newsfeed while I was in Seattle, but there it was looking fabulous and campy and entertaining...and ...

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