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Holding 01

Holding Patterns

The last time, I didn't see it coming (though, really, I probably should have); this time, the end was always there right from the beginning but I remained purposely, obstinately ...
00000000000000000 Niagara

REVIEW: Quirky & Funny, WONDER OF THE WORLD Is An Oddball’s Delight

Note: There may be spoilers here.  There may not -  I haven't written it yet.  I'm usually still thinking everything through and processing as I'm writing, and quite a bit ...
0000000000000 SMH Dead Cupid


It's time for my annual venting of the bile related to that cotton candy pink monstrosity known as Valentine's Day.  I've never been a big fan of the VD, even ...
000000000000000 Heart Bandage

The Year of Firsts

I'm ready for this whole ugly fucking year to be over with.  Not the calendar year; I have nothing against 2012, except for that whole Mayan "end of the world" ...
moving day

Movin’ On

No one hates packing as much as I do.  Trust me.  I’m one emotional tragedy away from an episode of “Hoarders.”  The thought of packing and sorting and hauling all ...

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