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Riot 03

UNSPOILED: Reading Of DON’T CALL IT A RIOT Brings Important History To Life At Neptune Theatre

Since this script is heading to a full production in May 2018 at the 18th Avenue and Union Theatre in Seattle, I'm publishing a much less spoiler-laden version of my ...
Riot 01

REVIEW: Reading Of DON’T CALL IT A RIOT Brings Important History To Life At Neptune Theatre

Often for my Seattle reviews I don't give my typical spoiler warning at the top since most of you Champagne Dreamers are firmly planted across the Midwest, and often the ...
Waiter 01

The Waiter

I had started this post last fall when I was spending a month in Seattle for work.  I walked away from it, but recently I've been going back through some ...

REVIEW: Pondering the Infinite With A Drag Queen & Her Puppets – INFERNO-A-GO-GO

I don't often search out news on any of the RuPaul's Drag Race queens.  I've watched a few of the seasons, and I'm very glad that I was able to discover ...
Deven Green

REVIEW: Well, Hello – Deven Green Gets Iconic At The Narwhal, Seattle

Watch out Trevor D, my heterosexual non-sexual life partner - I think I have a new favorite Canadian! Deven Green is a fantastic comedian who is probably best known for her ...
Reefer 06

REVIEW: Seattle, Get Lost In The Campy Fun Of REEFER MADNESS

I don't know what made the ad for Reefer Madness pop up on my Facebook newsfeed while I was in Seattle, but there it was looking fabulous and campy and entertaining...and ...
Uber 03

Backseat Driver: Experiencing Seattle Through Uber

Living in North Dakota, it's easy to take for granted the process of getting from point A to point B.  I can get from my house to pretty much anywhere ...
Audrey Dress 8

UPDATED: Drag From Exotic Lands: MIMOSAS WITH MAMA Is Drag, Theatre

Hey kittens.  Gladys from the Ellen show said it best: "You know I love Jesus, but I drink a little."  There were a couple of errors in the original version ...

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