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CanCan 04

SEATTLE REVIEW: Can Can’s FEMME FATALE Takes What’s Good In The Formula, Elevates It

Time for the obligatory Seattle Spoiler Warning: since most of my readership is in the Midwest, I'm going to be talking about this show in pretty good detail, including what ...
Balm 01

The Balm Brand Review, Part One: Getting Lippy, But It’s All Just Cheeky Fun

I've been wanting to do a brand review of The Balm cosmetics for ages, but I just never seemed to get inspired to do it, or other big releases got ...

Everything Old Is New Again: The Truth About Contouring

If you've been paying attention to anything makeup related in the last few months, then you've definitely heard of contouring.  It's been a thing for the last year or so, ...

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