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Missed Perception: Shayla’s So-So Collab With ColourPop

Can we just be done with collabs now?  Please?  Pretty please?! Now don't get me wrong: this collab is already better than pretty much every other ColourPop collab because it actually ...

Poppin Off: ColourPop’s Individual Pressed Shadows

ColourPop needs to slow the hell down for like 2 seconds! I swear, every time I turn around this low-priced beauty brand is putting another new collection or palette or something, ...

In Living ColourPop! Giveaway – [Closed]

Recently we featured a 3-part series in the Makeup Forum on ColourPop Cosmetics and their absolutely stunning collection of colors and formulas.  Some we loved, so we...didn't.  But why take ...
CP Cry

Dark Days: ColourPop Part 2, Pressed Shadows, Pigments, and Cheeks

Some stories are all about happy endings and good fortune, the right thing in the right place at the right time. This is not one of those stories. Recently I gave you ...

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