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Models Own: Get The NEW London Look

There's a new British import hanging around your local Ulta...and no, it's not Kate Moss trying to remember where she left her panties after last night's rager.  It's the British ...
00000000000000 Tina Turner

A Champion Will Arise: Sugarpill Vs. Concrete Minerals – Part Two

In my last post, I set up a totally random (though utterly glamorous) cage match between Sugarpill and Concrete Minerals.  I swatched, I kvetched, I laughed, I cried; it was ...
000000000000 Color

Color Chaos: Sugarpill vs. Concrete Minerals – Part One

Two makeup brands will enter.  Only one will leave.  Welcome to Thunderdome. Ok, not really.  But ever since I found Concrete Minerals makeup through their Facebook ad, I've been wanting to ...
Sugarpill Shadows

Pill Poppin’: An Adventure in Color With SugarPill Cosmetics

I am so, so, so glad that indie makeup companies are making a comeback...and doing it with real quality products!  When I was first getting started in drag, the big ...

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