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Note 08

House of Cards: A Note On Censorship

I love theatre.  Always have.  Even before I discovered actual plays, I spent a good portion of my childhood making up scenes and playing pretend as I ran wild around ...
00000000 OPera Cat

REVIEW: UND Music Dept. Makes Opera Accessible With Double Bill: DR. MIRACLE & TRIAL BY JURY

It may be hard for you to believe gentle readers, knowing the kind of classy, cultured gal that I am (anyone wondering about my classy credentials can catch up with ...
0000000000000000 Abby

PROFILE: Lady In Red: Abby J. Schoenborn Talks About The Wonder Of Her Theatrical World

Now that the holidays are over and the drunk relatives have picked themselves up off our kitchen floors to go home and start their new year, the theatres around town ...
0000000000000000 3 days of rain

REVIEW: THREE DAYS OF RAIN Is Dripping With Talent And Technical Prowess

Three Days Of Rain, the season opener at UND's Burtness Theatre, is awash with emotion and tangled relationships as family secrets are explored (though not totally revealed) in this compelling and ...
0000000000000000 Chris Berg

PROFILE: Chris Berg Brings Quality Theatre to the Grand Cities, and Joy to Children*

(*That second part is an exaggeration.  Children only enjoy Chris Berg on a case-by-case basis.) Recently, our Miss Jaye had the opportunity to sit down with the Artistic Director of the ...
000000000000 Crazy

Gotta Hide Your Crazy And Start Actin’ Like A Lady

If there is one thing North Dakotans know, inside and out, it's nice.  Or at the very least, the appearance of nice.  In fact, before we had an oil boom ...
000000000000000000 Amy Chris

PROFILE: Amy Driscoll Is Over The Moon (Over Buffalo) To Be Directing!

Amy Driscoll is a familiar face to the Grand Forks theatre scene: she's appeared at the Fire Hall Theatre in shows including The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Almost, Maine ...
00000000 Moon

A World of Champagne First! A GUEST REVIEW of MOON OVER BUFFALO by Mitzi Canard!

(Welcome to the World of Champagne's first ever guest review!  Our very own Miss Jaye, who ususally writes the theatre reviews, is involved in the production of Moon Over Buffalo ...
000000000000000 Moon Chair

Janessa Goes Behind The Scenes For Firehall Theatre Production of MOON OVER BUFFALO

The spotlight is wonderful, but don't forget that there is a lot that goes on out of the public view to make any theatrical production a success.  Untold hours of ...
Songs 04

REVIEW: “Songs For A New World” Is Beautiful, But It Isn’t Easy. And That’s OK.

Before anything else is said about this show, it must be stated emphatically that it is a musical experience the likes of which is rarely seen in Grand Forks.  This ...

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