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(Not that my site has ever been accused of being particularly family friendly, but this post in particular contains some rather frank discussions of sex and sexuality, and is recommended ...
Holding 01

Holding Patterns

The last time, I didn't see it coming (though, really, I probably should have); this time, the end was always there right from the beginning but I remained purposely, obstinately ...
Nice 05

North Dakota Nice

The first thing I noticed was the singing.  Everyone sings here.  I know it's easy to dismiss that statement as a generalization with no meaning; I understand that, but it ...
000000000000 Raindrops


Tonight we are having what feels like the first real rain of the spring.  There have been other days of wet weather, but the lingering snow conspired to turn what ...
00000000000000 NY Post Its


Ah, the new year is upon us: time to look back on everything we've done for the last year, shake our heads, and hope we'll show better judgement next year.  ...
000000000000000 Gym ZOmbies

Road to Nowhere

I thought I'd been down this road before, and had learned my lesson.  I'd made promises, and broken them.  I'd had expectations, and found them unfulfilled.  But somehow I convinced ...

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